About Me

My Work

All pictures showed on this website are taken by me. 

My favorite subjects are definitely landscapes and wildlife. All wild animals I photograph are free and in their natural habitat. 

I particularly love mountain lakes and water reflections, but incredibly like also plants, flowers, starry skies and sunsets. 

Feel free to check out my gallery and drop me a message if you are interested in one of my pictures or if you simply want to get in touch. 


I have always loved to randomly take pictures, but my real passion for photography started only in the end of 2020, during Covid pandemic, when I received a Nikon D3200 DSLR as a Christmas present. 

I quickly fell in love with the shutter sound and I started spending all my free time shooting landscapes, plants, animals and watching YouTube videos to get better and better. 

Since  then, I had the chance to visit several countries, that include Germany, Costa Rica, New Zealand, and to spend hundreds of hours hiking into the wild, shooting the beauty of nature and its incredible inhabitants. 

I am currently based in Modena, Italy, but whenever I can I pick up my camera and I start wandering to explore the world. 

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